About Shining 3D

Delivering 15+ years of professional 3D digitizing and additive manufacturing technologies

SHINING 3D, founded in 2004, is pioneering independent research and the development of 3D digitizing and additive manufacturing technologies, owning over 300 patents and more than 100 copyrights. SHINING 3D is well-positioned in the market and has the capacity to manufacture products at a large scale, offer powerful 3D technologies, and provide strong support service worldwide.
SHINING 3D’s mission is to improve the efficiency of high-quality 3D modeling, to enable flexible production of high performance, complex structure products, and to make 3D digitizing and additive manufacturing technologies accessible to all; from large multi-national corporations worldwide to at home hobbyist.


SHINING 3D provides fully intergraded 3D digital dental solutions, from obtaining 3D data with 3D scanners for lab and intraoral 3D scanners for clinics, then design with professional dental CAD software, to printing dental products, including working models, orthodontics models, implant models, surgical guides, wax-ups, partial frameworks with DLP 3D printer.

Development History in Past 14 Years
2005 – 2008
Develop “3D Scan-3D Print” product portfolio.
2009 – 2013
Provide integrated 3D digital solution to Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education industries.
The release of D series lab scanners sympolizes the official entry into dental industry.
Build integrated solution of “Scan-Design- Print- Inspect in 3D” for mass customization.
Establish subsidiaries in Stuttgart, Germany and San Francisco, USA, provide 24hr service to global users.
The release of DS-EX series lab scanner.
The release of SHINING 3D’s first dental DLP printer AccuFab-D1.
The release of Aoralscan intraoral scanner.
The release of AutoScan-DS-MIX high-end dental 3D scanner.
Countries with SHIINING 3D dental products in use

SHINING 3D is committed to the popularization and in-depth development of 3D digital dental solutions, helping dental labs, clinics, hospitals and other organizations to achieve digital transformation worldwide.

80 +
Countries with SHINING 3D dental products in use
8000 +
Dental labs/clinics/colleges

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